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Resident of Postipuisto: Sign up for the Postivarikko workshop courses, guided exercise sessions and open sports sessions through the following links or through the Postivarikko Events-page. All of the courses and events can be viewed when logged in.
The the system gives you a code to access the facilities. This same code will let you through all of the of the doors on the way in, the outside door also.
Entering gym and sports hall in outdoor shoes is prohibited! Please note that the lockers are used with personal locks so please bring your own lock when using the lockers.
Postivarikko is a block of flats that is primarily built for the use of the residents of Postipuisto. Some of the facilities it offers free of change for the residents include the gym, library, workshop and multipurpose space. Open sports sessions and courses are also held at Postivarikko. The facilities are open for the residents daily from 6:00-22:00 with an access code.
In addition, the facilities can be reserved for a fee for private use, such as for family celebrations, seminars, meetings or personal sports sessions in the sports hall. The reservation fee is more affordable for Postipuisto residents than for outsiders. Condominium shareholders' meetings can be held in the multipurpose space, a workspace or presentation space. The reservations for condominium shareholders' meetings are free of charge.


Resident of Postipuisto- Create an account for the service and log in. Reservations for the facilities and access rights can be managed through the service.


Other customers- You can make a reservation through the calendars of the facilities, and the payment is made immediately upon making the reservation. You will receive access rights to the facilities for the duration of your reservation.


From below and through the sidebar you can find more detailed information about the facilities of Postivarikko, as well as the links for making reservations and obtaining access codes.


Guidance to Postivarikko's premises is provided by the staff of Kotipizza during the restaurants opening hours.

Postivarikko events

Residents' games and various courses are organized daily at Postivarikko. The course offering includes paid courses open to everyone and free courses intended for residents.

More information about Postivarikko events


Register your residence ID to the Asio booking system.


Postivarikko blueprint

Room-specific descriptions are found under the blueprint.


Book our spaces

In the sports hall, you can play with other residents when the room is free, or you can book the entire sports hall for your own use.


The facilities and equipment are suitable for playing street basketball, volleyball and badminton, for example.


Daily games intended for residents are free. There is a fee for booking the sports hall entirely for your own use.


Book the sports hall
The multipurpose room is Postivarikko's living room, where you can come and spend time with family and friends.


Residents can use the multipurpose room for free during Postivarikko's opening hours. The room can also be booked for private use for family parties or meetings, private booking is subject to a fee.


Book the multipurpose room
The library is an open reading corner where you can spend time reading books or magazines and playing board games.
The workshophas space for hobbies: you can service a bike, wax skis, build or restore objects or sew clothes.


Residents can book a workstation from the workshop for free. In addition, paid guided courses are organized at the workshop.


The work and performance roomhas remote work stations and easily arranged desks. The space is also suitable as a venue for meetings and trainings, among other things.


In the work and performance room, residents can freely book a desk for remote working. The room can be booked for organizing events or parties for a fee. Building societies can book the room free of charge for general meetings.


Book a workstation
In the luminous gym, you can train in a variety of ways. The gym is free for residents.


Open the gym door