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Modern seaside sauna in Helsinki

There are two general mixed saunas in Löyly, a modern smoke sauna and traditional wood-heated sauna, which are always waiting for saunas according to our opening hours.
We recommend reserving sauna before hand. The admission fee for a two-hour sauna visit is Mon-Thu EUR 24.00 and Fri-Sun EUR 25.00. The price includes a towel, seat liner and shampoo and shower gel. We also rent swimwear for 8€/2hours. Swimming suit is mandatory.

You can cool off on the sauna terrace, and you can take a dip in the Baltic Sea all year round. Possibility to swim in the ocean depends on the weather conditions. You can buy sauna drinks from the hatch on the terrace and enjoy them while admiring the scenery. Please note that our kitchen is also happy to serve saunas, and after the sauna you can still enjoy a versatile lunch or a delicious dinner in the wonderful scenery.

Info was last updated 18.01.2024


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